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An Online Course in Anthropology, Environment and Consciousness

How anthropological lessons from hunter-gatherers and additional scientific discoveries can help us reconnect with plants, animals and the astonishing nature of reality

8½ hr online course +
meditation featuring the course's principles to practice in nature

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Daniel Naveh Buddhi

About the Course:

For ages hunter-gatherers held that each and every plant and animal is a multifaceted and unique being. Now, scientific discoveries show that they were right all along. Here you will learn the unique way of knowing that allows this improved connection to plants, animals and other elements in the environment.

Additional Topics:

wise animal.png

New findings in Zoology and Botany that beautifully resonate with common notions about animals and plants among hunter-gathers


Concealment: What has increasingly blinded our eyes and hearts from really seeing and feeling so many of our co-dwellers on this planet


The fascinating relationship between the way we know the world and our tendency to share food, space, knowledge & mind-altering substances


Changes in the perception of the environment with the shift to agricultural life 


A vital insight regarding the way we can get out of the current environmental crisis



Relevance to the modern lifestyle in the 21st century (well-being, communities, education, digital-citizenship & more)


51% of the earnings will be dedicated to empowerment of people in indigenous cultures and reforestation projects. price: 120/60$

Dr. Daniel Naveh


Daniel Naveh (PhD) is an anthropologist and lecturer of environmental studies at Tel Aviv and Bar-Ilan Universities. Daniel lived for over a year among hunter-gatherers in the forests of South India. His research focuses on hunter-gatherers' perception of the environment, consciousness, and education. Inspired by anthropological discoveries, Daniel has been taking part in the improvement of pedagogy and environmental studies in the Israeli education system. He devotes a significant part of his time to experimenting with and teaching different traditions of meditation. Daniel is involved in a start-up company in the field of digital health, where he promotes new connections between culture and technology. He has a PhD in anthropology, a master's degree in prehistoric archeology and other degrees in history and education. Daniel was selected as one of 60 inspiring lecturers in Israeli academia.

What this course meant for me?

Siddaq Singh


It is one of the most engaging and enlightening courses in which I have participated in my life. This course made me look at the world from a unique and rare perspective, especially about ways to reconnect with nature.

Tahel Brody

Clinical Psychologist

For me (and many others I know) this course goes way beyond the super relevant content for our times. There's something in Daniel's ways that plugs me right into feelings of connectedness, deep knowing, returning home and hope. A true medicine for the heart!

Ben Hopper


With numerous courses taken, Daniel has been a profound source of inspiration for me. All his teachings have implemented themselves into my artistic craft in various ways. They helped me reshape and sharpen my worldview. They got me closer to who I am and everyone around me.

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